I Guess I'll Just Keep on Walking

Since the suicide of Maris, his beloved wife of forty-two years, Noel Braun struggled to find himself. All his life assumptions were over turned and he lost his sense of identity. Endeavouring to find some anchorage, he embarked on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. He decided to walk the most popular routes of the Camino; the ancient pilgrimage route that lead across France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela in the north-west of Spain. This journey is described in his earlier book The Day was Made for Walking.

The journey was far from over. Noel felt compelled to resume his quest. At the age of eighty, he returned to France to pursue a less popular route that took him across France and into Spain. Two years later, the urgent need to continue has him walking through Portugal into Spain. Despite his aging body and his many doubts, he has the confidence and faith in himself to face the arduous physical demands and reach Santiago de Compostela. Woven into his spiritual and emotional journey are fascinating stories of the people he meets.

I Guess I'll Just Keep on Walking is a sequel. The physical and the spiritual merge with the ancient and modern. It delves into history and, at the same time, is a memoir and travel guide.


This book takes you on a journey along the ancient pilgrimage trail through France, Spain and Portugal - a must read for deep thinkers who would like to accompany Noel on his journey from the comfort of their own armchair'
- John Morrow’s Pick of the Week


Loved this story, so uplifting and encouraging. Beautifully written. The people he meets and the places he visits are so well described that you can imagine you are accompanying on his journey. A gem of a book, keep on walking Noel, your spirit shines through and reaches out to us. An absolute treasure! What an inspiration!

- Alison Lewis, author of Seasons of Life and Missing


These pilgrimages across ancient routes in France and Spain cover and include a spirituality with many strong remembrances of his wife Maris. The graphic descriptions and phrases are beautifully written.Noel overcomes obstacles both physical and mental as he traverses the old routes, learns languages and meets many people who become life-long friends.

- Rosemary Holmes, author Adaptation

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