No Comfort on a Chilly Night

Felix Schmidt is backpacking on the Camino de Santiago when he meets the love of his life, the beautiful French Pascaline. He brings her back to Australia where he joins a new firm of management consultants. Deeply engrossed in the company’s growth, he neglects Pascaline. She believes his addiction has reduced him as a person, wearies of his obsessive workaholism and returns to France.

Felix pines for his lost love, but as the company expands, he advances into management and is totally immersed. Disillusioned that ambition has seduced him to climb a ladder that leads to nowhere, that forces him to inflict pain and make decisions he abhors, he loathes the character he has become. Eventually, he quits his work.

Once free of responsibility, he aims to win back Pascaline, but first he must work on himself to restore the identity he was before succumbing to distortion. With trepidation he returns to France, anxious about the person he will find in Pascaline.

No Comfort on a chilly Night is a story of love, unchecked ambition, regret and recovery. Noel Braun shows us how corporate demands can corrupt the balance between worldly ambition and personal fulfillment. A timely reminder for those of us suffering from the stress and anxiety of modern life.
- Kenneth Price, author

Noel Braun’s latest book, No Comfort on a Chilly Night, … is a beautifully written work of love. The story follows Felix and Pascaline’s love story – their passion on first meeting – the waning of love – and eventual reunion. Many of the exchanges in the book are written in French, and I found it fun to awaken my French studies from high school days and “read”. This gives the story an exotic feel, as action takes place in France and Australia.

- Judith Flitcroft, author

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